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Have you or someone you know been charged with a crime? If so, then you know the amount of anxiety and confusion that can result. Whether it may be a small matter or the most complex case, being accused of criminal charges can turn your life upside down. We can help.

We handle all Ohio Misdemeanor charges and some Felony charges

While we represent clients who have been charged with felony charges, our emphasis is defending the rights of those charged with criminal misdemeanor charges, traffic charges, in the Municipal Courts, Mayors Courts, and Juvenile Courts throughout Central Ohio. We provide aggressive representation and experienced counsel based upon years of court room experience.

Attorney Gregory B. Mathews is a former prosecutor for the City of Columbus, former special prosecutor, experienced criminal defense lawyer and a record expungement specialist with nearly 30 years of experience. Attorney Mathews has been able to draw upon his background from both sides of the criminal justice system to provide a successful defense in hundreds of cases.

The effects of a criminal charge can leave a permanent scar on your record for the rest of your life. Do not delay in hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can protect your rights from the very beginning of your case. As a former prosecutor, Greg knows how the police and the prosecutors construct their case against you. As a result, he can focus his investigation and research to perform the best defense against their strategies. All of our law firm attorneys are admitted to practice law in Ohio and Federal Court. Further, the attorneys in our firm are members of various associations and organizations, including:

  • The American Bar Association
  • The National Lawyers Association
  • The Ohio State Bar Association
  • The Columbus Bar Association
  • The Westerville Bar Association
  • The American Trial Association
  • United States District Court
  • The Ohio Trial Lawyers Association/Ohio Association for Justice

You hire an advocate to speak the truth, represent you with integrity and persevere for your interest despite the odds. Your case deserves the maximum of skill and effort. That’s my commitment to you. To get started, Contact us today.