Insurance Violations

As an attorney since 1988, Greg Mathews has represented many individuals who have been uninsured and unlicensed drivers. He has also helped drivers who have had suspended or revoked licenses and who have been charged with complicated traffic violations.

The State of Ohio requires motor vehicles to be insured. If you receive a citation for driving without insurance, and you are convicted of this charge, you may face a suspension of your drivers license.

Your Ohio license will be suspended if the Bureau of Motor Vehicle learns through any circumstance that you are an uninsured driver. In addition, you may be required to surrender your license plates or vehicle registration to the BMV. Limited driving privileges can be granted by a Court for a first or second FRA Suspension.

The information listed below indicates the penalties for failure to maintain insurance on your vehicle:

Number of ViolationsLength of SuspensionAre Driving Privileges Available?Cost of Reinstatement Fee for License
First Offense3 MonthsYes$75.00
Second Offense
(in 5 yrs)
1 YearYes, but after 15 days$250.00
Third Offense
(in 5 yrs)
2 YearsNo$500.00

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