What is a Misdemeanor Charge?

There are three general categories of offenses: 1) Felonies are the most serious, which may have a penalty that can include a term in state prison; 2) Misdemeanors have penalties that may include up to six months in jail (or longer if convicted of multiple offenses); and 3) Minor Misdemeanors are the least serious offenses (typically traffic offenses) for which the maximum penalty does not exceed a $150 dollar fine plus the court costs.

Don’t take Misdemeanors lightly,as they can carry jail time, expensive fines, loss of freedoms, and burdensome requirements of probation. A misdemeanor conviction can limit your career future and professional opportunities.

The degree of misdemeanor charges determines the type of punishment

DegreeJail TimeMaximum Fine
1st Degree6 months or 180 days$1,000.00
2nd Degree3 months or 90 days$750.00
3rd Degree2 months or 60 days$500.00
4th Degree1 month or 30 days$250.00
Minor MisdemeanorNo jail time$150.00

If your misdemeanor charge results from a traffic offense, you may incur certain license suspensions or restrictions. Some traffic charges can result in a lifetime drivers right suspension. In criminal misdemeanor charges, a judge may impose other requirements in addition to jail, such as counseling or lengthy terms of probation.

If you’ve been charged in Municipal Court, Mayors Court, or Juvenile Court, our firm represents clients in any misdemeanor case, including but not limited to:

Traffic Related OffensesCriminal Charges

D.U.I/ Drunk Driving Charges
Driving Under Suspension
No Operators License
Reckless Operation
Traffic Accidents
Drag Racing
Hit/Skip/Leaving the Scene of an Accident
CDL Violations
Commercial Drivers Licenses Violations
Traffic Signal/Stop Sign

Resisting Arrest
Disorderly Conduct
Domestic Violence
Passing Bad Checks
Zoning Code Violations
Illegal Gambling
Firearms Violations
Drug Abuse
Drug Paraphernalia
Sex Offenses
Petty Theft
Weapons Charges
Obstruction of Justice
Criminal Trespass

Don’t let a misdemeanor charge ruin your life, your family, or your career future. You can’t afford to put off hiring a misdemeanor defense attorney. Please allow us the opportunity to serve you.

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