What is Municipal Court?

Municipal Courts are typically located in the County Seat for each County in the state of Ohio. Ohio Municipal Courts handle misdemeanor criminal cases and traffic cases involving misdemeanors of the first degree to misdemeanors of the fourth degree. Municipal Courts may also handle minor misdemeanor charges as well. The types of cases that would be heard in Ohio Municipal Courts include but are not limited to the following:

Traffic Related OffensesCriminal Charges

D.U.I/ Drunk Driving Charges
Driving Under Suspension
No Operators License
Reckless Operation
Traffic Accidents
Drag Racing
Hit/Skip/Leaving the Scene of an Accident
CDL Violations
Commercial Drivers Licenses Violations
Traffic Signal/Stop Sign

Resisting Arrest
Disorderly Conduct
Domestic Violence
Passing Bad Checks
Zoning Code Violations
Illegal Gambling
Firearms Violations
Drug Abuse
Drug Paraphernalia
Sex Offenses
Petty Theft
Weapons Charges
Obstruction of Justice
Criminal Trespass

Municipal Cases are typically be heard by a Judge of that Court or in some cases by a Magistrate assigned by the Judge. Municipal Court also has a civil jurisdiction (matters usually handling individuals suing other individuals for money) which includes claims where amounts do not exceed $15,000, and matters involving landlord tenant cases.

In criminal cases, Municipal Courts hear cases that occur within its jurisdiction (typically the city or county in where it is located). Some Municipal Courts have jurisdiction to hear cases only within their municipality limits. In those counties where Municipal Courts do not have County wide jurisdiction, there are County Courts or Mayors Courts which hear Misdemeanor offenses. (See Mayors Court page for more information on Ohio Mayors Courts.)

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