Zoning and Housing Code Violations

If a landlord has failed to maintain a property or structure, they may receive a criminal charge to enforce building, housing, health, or safety codes for the safety and well-being of their tenants. Some of Ohio’s courts have environmental sections which exclusively have jurisdiction over criminal and civil action for various housing and zoning codes of their county. If you have received a violation or summons for any of the following matters, you should contact Attorney Gregory B. Mathews immediately:

  • Housing Standards
  • Building Standards
  • Health
  • Sanitation
  • Fire Safety
  • Pollution or Dumping
  • Zoning Code Violations

Depending on the charge, such a violation may carry stiff fines, jail time, or loss of property. Attorney Gregory Mathews has over 30 years of experience in representing individuals and businesses before the Court on a variety of environmental issues and zoning code matters. For the best legal representation in matters of zoning and housing code violations, please contact us today for a Free Consultation.